Tania Senko

Tales with A Russian Flavor

Tania  Senko, née Tatiana Vlasenko, was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil to Tatiana and Boris Vlasenko, émigrés from a displaced persons camp in Germany, post World War II. She grew up in a Russian household with her parents along with her maternal grandmother, Lubov, who read her colorful Russian fairy tales every night. When her father came to the United States to become a Russian Orthodox priest, the family followed him, settling in New York, where she became a naturalized citizen. With her father moved from parish to parish, Tania has lived in a variety of states. She's been a nurse, a doctor, and a writer. Her varied life experiences, and her "rich" Russian background ends on her written pages. Her novel, My Auntie Zoya, based on the life of her Aunt Zoya, debuts November 2014. She presently lives in Carmel, NY where she's busy writing about her family, and historical and contemporary tales with a Russian flavor! So visit her website often. Tania also writes medical thrillers and suspense under the name, Tanya Goodwin. For more about Tanya Goodwin here.